29 Aug 2014

Exhibition at Venn Projects

Preview: Friday, 12th September, 6pm – 8pm
FYC Gallery 154-158 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3PS
15th September – 6th October 2014 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10pm – 4pm)

Exhibition preview here and here

Installation preview (set up of Raksha Patel's slide projections)


This provides the first opportunity to see all the works that have been excavated from the Roadside Museum. Please click on the flyer to enlarge and see opposite and below for previous posts detailing the artists involved and their work.


 Many thanks to Garth Gratrix and Joseph Pegler for their help.

6 Jun 2014

The Roadside Museum: Excavation

Excavation took place between the 23rd and the 26th May, 12 months after the interment of works.

Friday 23rd May the excavation begins.

Samira Shafiei Nejad – excavating canvas from the ‘Unending Series’

Remnants recovered from Stig Evans’ monochrome series

Stig Evans – ‘monochrome series’ excavation of text painting

Peter Trukenbrod – ‘Sugar Cube’ (1728 sugar cubes sealed with silicone, before & after)

 Raksha Patel

Fred Martin – ‘Exvagus’ (eroded zinc plate to be transferred via printing intaglio on paper)
Veronika Lukasova – ‘Underground Occurrences’ (exposed & processed chrome film to be scanned)

Excavating the remnants of Barbara Ekstrom’s Tales from the Earth

Barbara Ekstrom – ‘Tales from the Earth’ (linen cloth book)

Alana Tyson – ‘untitled’ series of clay sculptures regular visitors to the beach


Retrieving Sarah Carne's submission from the 'I love my Yugo' project

Topp & Dubio – ‘All Your Favourite Projects’ (artist book)

Preparing to return the field to its original state

NB. Not all works depicted, recordings to be revealed at a later date