6 Jun 2014

The Roadside Museum: Excavation

Excavation took place between the 23rd and the 26th May, 12 months after the interment of works.

Friday 23rd May the excavation begins.

Samira Shafiei Nejad – excavating canvas from the ‘Unending Series’

Remnants recovered from Stig Evans’ monochrome series

Stig Evans – ‘monochrome series’ excavation of text painting

Peter Trukenbrod – ‘Sugar Cube’ (1728 sugar cubes sealed with silicone, before & after)

 Raksha Patel

Fred Martin – ‘Exvagus’ (eroded zinc plate to be transferred via printing intaglio on paper)
Veronika Lukasova – ‘Underground Occurrences’ (exposed & processed chrome film to be scanned)

Excavating the remnants of Barbara Ekstrom’s Tales from the Earth

Barbara Ekstrom – ‘Tales from the Earth’ (linen cloth book)

Alana Tyson – ‘untitled’ series of clay sculptures regular visitors to the beach


Retrieving Sarah Carne's submission from the 'I love my Yugo' project

Topp & Dubio – ‘All Your Favourite Projects’ (artist book)

Preparing to return the field to its original state

NB. Not all works depicted, recordings to be revealed at a later date