20 Mar 2015

Installation view

Exhibition at Venn Projects
Blackpool 2014

Exhibition review by ALTBLACKPOOL here

 Alana Tyson Untitled (clay figures)

Barbara Ekström Tales from the Earth (linen cloth book)

Chris Wood Audio soundscape of Pool Hey Farm

Fred Martin Exvagus (intaglio print from zinc plate)

Graham Dunning Music by Metre (reel to reel and master tapes) 

Peter Trukenbrod Sugar Cube

Raksha Patel Untitled (documentation of Pool Hey Farm buried & recovered; c-prints & film negatives)
Riitta Oittinen Mini-Rug (mixed-media, recycled materials) 

Samira Shafiei Nejad The Unending Series (oil on canvas 190cm x 250 cm x 15 cm)
     Documentation: c-prints on board, LCD projection on excavated frame 

Sarah Carne Scale model from I love my Yugo series (model car, c-prints on board) 

Stig Evans Monochrome Series (oil/emulsion on paper 152cm x 120cm, c-prints on board)
 Code of Ethics (oil on canvas 120cm x 120cm, excavated oil paint in frame, code of ethics presented on board)

Topp & Dubio All your favourite projects (artist book) 

Veronika Lukasova In Time/Underground Occurrences (excavated film positives on light-box with original prints)